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About our company

We are a team of specialits ready to make your project and business seccessfull

In the year 2013 our company became the first Endian authorized partner in Russia.
Endian is one of leaders of UTM section in Europe starting from small office networks to large installations in energy industry.

endian Authorized Partner

About our company:

  • We specialize in providing IT services based on free software since year 2008.
  • The advantage of our team is a real experience of working with companies of different levels for many years starting from adminitrating of information systems to heading IT departments. That excperience let us offer thet very solutions each company needs.
  • Our purpose is not to replace an existing IT department or system administrator of your company. We do help and support an existing organization units to make a reliable IT structure and hence a stable business.
  • REDNODE LLC actively cooperates with russian and foreign companies to provide a profit services in IT section.

Our specializations are:

  • development, deployment and support of services based on open source software;
  • deployment and technical support of either server solutions so desktops, which works on GNU/Linux;
  • IT outsourcing;
  • IT audition;
  • IT consulting;
  • Selection, delivery, installation and maintenance of hardware;
  • Selection, delivery and maintenance of software;
  • Deployment and running monitoring systems;
  • Projecting and supporting of backup systems of every level;
  • Projecting and supporting of video surveillance;
  • Projecting and supporting of IP telephony systems.

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